Neutral earthing transformers and sytems
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Neutral Earthing

Range of Neutral Earthing Transformers (N.E.Ts) used in the generator power supply industry.

11000 Volt 50 / 60 Hz System
Ratio: 6350 // 120 Volts, 1 phase, 56 /60 Hz Fault rating 63.5 kVA for 10 seconds
Windings encapsulated in resin under vacuum autoclave process.

In our manufacturing range of N.E.Ts we also design, engineer and manufacture N.E.T. cubicles with transformer, Neutral Earthing Resistor and controls.

Equipments can be designed for immersion under mineral oil or synthetic fluid in sheet steel transformer tanks as and when site conditions or voltages dictate.



Illustrated right - Neutral Earthing Transformer being fitted inside a cubicle together with earthing  resistors and control gear .

neutral earthing

Neutral earthing installed